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Advance reservations for car, charged the reservation fee, which is then included in the rental amount. Freeing car rental reservation fee is not refunded.
The booking fee is paid only after approval by e-mail or telephone.

Minimum rental period
The minimum rental period – one day.

Required Documents
A renter must hold: a valid driving license and a passport / ID card.

Payment and Deposit
The rental can be paid by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or cash. Before taking the car, the tenant pays for the entire term of the lease and leaves the 145 – 435 EUR deposit (depending on the car, you can pay by credit card, bank transfer or cash).Returning the car tidy as the car lease, the deposit amount is refunded.

Methods of payment
The rental fees are charged by all major credit cards, bank transfer or in cash. Car rental prices are inclusive of VAT.

Requirements for drivers
A Renter must hold a driving licence for at least two years. Minimum driving age - 21 years. The person in whose name the vehicle is leased is the main driver.

Pick-up and delivery
The car is taken and returned to the "CityCarRent" office working hours. Car pick-up/delivery to another agreed location in Klaipeda for an extra 10 EUR. All vehicles are hired with a full fuel tank. If the car is not returned with a full tank, the renter has to pay for the missing fuel at 2 EUR per liter of fuel.

Full fuel tank service
Have the opportunity for a good price to buy a tank of fuel. Client purchases the service no longer need to fill the fuel tank before returning the car.

Car Insurance
All vehicles are insured with the Civil Liability insurance and CASCO insurance for any damage caused by third parties. If you lose your car keys or documents pay a fine of 230 EUR.

Mileage and the countries to which you can go by car
Renting a car unlimited mileage. Car can be driven geographical Europe. Lessee shall use the leased car for its intended purpose.

Technical assistance
Free of charge technical assistance is provided 24/7.

Unexpected circumstances

In the event of unexpected circumstances CityCarCare reserves a right to cancel a vehicle reservation (due to technical problems) on a prior notice.


You should choose us

  • Low price guarantee
  • Only new cars (made in 2010 – 2013)
  • Low deposit ( 145 – 435 € )
  • Quick and easy reservation

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